Arusha 2

Intense days at work this week is an understatement . But really liking hanging out with the team and home mates. Despite the long and stressful hours. Living the simple life. You just adapt. To wash your clothes and dishes in cold water. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet our washing machine:

And our dishwasher:

Btw, I want these in Europe too:

Then there was this morning where my house mate gave me a lift to work. To see flames coming out of the front light while on the road. We stopped, a few by passers helped us blew on the fire. 

And then I got a bike for myself. Tough one too, manual kick start. Engine that doesn’t stay on. Gears that require a titatnium toe to change. Helmet that stays straight when I turn my head as twice my size. I got lost last night because I didn’t see the road turning and went straight. As I could only see half of the road. Depending on the bumps I see the bottom half or the left half of it. 

Last night Mystic seven again. 3 of us got a lift back in the trunk of a car. 

Enjoying all of it. 

Until…. I had to overdo it. Bragging about the bike etc. it’s Sunday and my flatmate invited me to head to the lake with our bikes. On dirt roads. With my Nike free. Which I learned quickly don’t protect my ankle from burning agains the engine when I change gears. All went well until the last 10mn. Didn’t see the road going abtruptly down and lost it. I fell. The bike was still but fell on top of me. Trapping my ankle. My first vision was the disappointed face of a gorilla. 

I booked the trekking for Thursday,  Shit. 

Then something like 8 hands helping me. This is Africa. They all ran to help me out. Asking me if I were ok. 

We reached the lake. The time to take on the views and enjoy 6 desserts at a random resort. 

I could barely walk for the rest of the day, the trip back on the bike in atrocious pain every time I had to change gear. Back home: high dose of paracetamol and a beer and ready to cook some Italian pasta. Finally, today, the doctor said all ok only badly bruised. Gorillas still on!

Trip was too short. Too much to do. And felt very comfortable here. Would definitely love to come back for more. 

But now: Rwanda time!

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