Arusha – Tanzania 1

Well,well. Here we go again, back to Mama Africa’s warm hug. 

Flying over the desert on my way down
Then the familiar scent when stepping out of the plane. And then drive to the hotel. At night. Imagination running on what I am not seeing. 

First day at work in Arusha. Awesome offices in an agricultural community compound. Trademark yellow football table in the open air kitchen. Met the team and settled at a window desk.

At lunch I get to discover Chipsi Mayai. Bad. Very bad. And yet so good. The food from the local stalls is not only way cheaper than all those mzungus places, but way more tasty too. You just need to “break” your stomach to it. I did it in Kenya last year. Those 48 sweaty high fever nailed in bed hours with kidney pain. Now I can eat rusty nails for breakfast. 

Liking Arusha very much. Small town but nicely kept. Locals are very flriendly, “mambo” you constantly and try patiently to teach you their language at every occasion. 

And then little daily weird experiences. 

The time we had dinner at the shopping mall we sat at the table, we got suddenly surrounded by 12 waiters from the different restaurants in the mall and were thrown 14 different menus. And more country music. 

The time when my colleague explains her strange adventure last night: “and at some point, the light went suddenly very bright!”

To which another colleague replied: “it’s called morning!”

Those evenings at Mystic 7 with the DJ playing from a confessional. 

When I got moved out of the hotel into the house. First no water. Then no electricity. And a lock that wouldn’t lock. So I crashed at some other colleagues house.

The weekend arrived. Managed to prepare coffee with a moka since we have at least gas. Then piki piki to Kitamu cafe. Nice long 3 hours hike with Divya and Micky to the waterfall. Walking down I moved some goats from the road to make way for a military truck, they thanked us by giving us a privileged drive back to Arusha on their truck, flanked by 2 AK47. Just a normal Sunday stroll. 

Then jump out in Hollywood St. for some Chipsi mayai because bloody long hike. Mama prepared us some really good ones with vegetables in it and freshly made pili pili sauce. 

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