Namibia 2016 – Swakopmund & Skeleton Coast

Ready to face 460km on unsealed road, we leave the beauty of Sussusvlei towards Swakopmund. On our way out we say hello to a mangoust and its burrow mates the desert squirrels. Basically nature’s coop.

It’s a long drive indeed. The scenery dramatically changing by the hour

We’re about to reach the coast at Walvis Bay when Sabrina shouts Birds! birds!
Hundreds of flamingoes right there on the side of the road.

We pass Walvis Bay first perplexed by its industrial side, then admiring its display of colourful houses.

We finally reach Swakopmund, nice little seaside town. The hotel is nicely decorated.

We found a nice shopping alley with even a designer clothes shop. We also were quite perplexed by the unusual display of a lingerie shop. For such a religious country that mannequin seems to give some interesting suggestions.

Beautiful dinner on the pier, in time for sunset.
The following morning we head towards the Skeleton Coast.

It’s another long straight drive (360km) but on better roads.

The scenery is leaving us gobsmacked again by changing at every corner.

We stopped at our first sight of a wreck. Then again at a seal colony. Funny animals if you can bear the smell and their cacophony. There we also meet Michael, a nice Kenyan based in Windhoek we saw earlier taking very professional pictures of the wreck.

We then proceed along the coast. We stopped for an hour long walk along the sea noticing various skeletons of some carnivores and a large whale. All very relaxing until we noticed prints of a rather large and heavy animal. Cat like. But big.

We were later told that there are lions in this area, “so please do not walk too far from your car”. Oops.

We passed Torra Bay. All 6 empty bungalows of it. But spectacular view on the ocean.

Then from Torra Bay to Terrace Bay: wow. Again change of scenery at every turn.

We reach Terrace bay rather tired. There is absolutely nothing there. And it’s rather cold.

We open a nice bottle of SA red wine and down it in our stainless steel glasses as an aperitif on our deck, watching the sunset on the ocean. Chatting and sharing away our memories.  All that it was. All that is yet to come.

It’s still cold but we don’t feel it anymore.

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