Namibia 2016 – Sossusvlei

I know, on the road again. This time it will seriously be on the road.

My first time in Africa will be a 12 days 4×4 road drive through Namibia with my dear friend Sabrina.

As I land in Windhoek I take a good first look around from the door of the plane.

Hello Namibia!

First eve in the capital I found it completely shut down (it’s Sunday), I wandered around the main streets rarely having a few encounters except for a large group of people gathered to a seemingly new ice cream shop. I finally managed to find a supermarket (none my multiple adapter had been prepared to face Namibian gigantic plugs) and a restaurant.

I’ll have a hard time being a vegetarian in this country. Of the only 2 suitable dishes, only one was available. A recurring situation so far. But food was tasty.

I hope this place will come to life during the week as I’ll have to spend a good 3 days here on my way back.

Day 2 time to pick up the car and Sabrina, both at the airport.

The car pick up only took us 5 hours. Glad we put pressure as we needed to drive 290km before sunset.

Needless to say we didn’t make it. Having zebras jumping in front of the car at dusk didn’t make me go any faster. We arrived well into the night. Fuck camping, we asked for a room.

Lovely igloo, if it wasn’t that our bathroom was already inhabited by a huntsman.

Never mind. I was too tired to even be bothered.

Day 3 we leave for Sossusvlei. The Kulala resort is well tucked very closed to the dunes. We arrived just in time to have a car organised to take us to the dunes before sunset.

That was spectacular. Sabrina climbed the tall dune towards Skeleton tree, I took the shortcut with Rachel the guide.

Then we both climbed dune 45

The colours were just so bright, also thanks to the sunset, and with so few people, as everybody needs to be out of the park before sunset, and Our lodge had a private entrance closer to the dunes.

Back to the car we had a great bond time with Rachel Ana she handed us a nice sunset  aperitif.

Starting to realise that people in Namibia are very friendly.

The show wasn’t over. After dinner we asked to have our beds set up on the roof terrace for a night under the stars. Oh my.

Couldn’t capture the beauty of the Milky Way crawling above me during the night. I fell asleep with a massive smile. Woke up at 3am by a strong feral smell, and started to worry to be sleeping in the open.

Then I opened my eyes again straight into the sunrise. Followed an hour later by air balloons cruising right above us, tourists clearly watching these strange people sleeping on the roof.

“Short” drive to the Wolvedans, for a different experience of that area.

There we went for a bush walk with a guide who was speaking the click language. He showed us spiders and insects, and told us some horror African tales of poisoning, with the same plant we can see at the entrance of the lodge. That they put in the beer of people they are angry with.

Then I was handed a nice & fresh Windhoek lager.

I had to turn to Alfred with a quizzing look:”are we good?”

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