Stockholm – London

31/08 time to say goodbye to this beautiful place. I’m sad. I felt really good in here. Alone but in peace.
Stockholm station is living up to Sweden’s reputation. Slick, retro stylish with, no seriously, never seen station toilets so fancy. Black stone, wood and a screen showing a fireplace. A shit worth every krone.

Nice train. Not new but well kept. And free wifi and power sockets between each seat. As you do. Train is crossing town now and we pass Soder right above my favourite spot. 😢

Massive catch up with emails and messages, glancing every now and then to the window to catch more of Sweden. This country is sure very pretty.

Feeling a pinch to leave it.

Arrived a Copenhagen. Still very familiar Ifelt like I was here yesterday. I have an hour.

When in Denmark: Danish pastries for lunch it is.
The next train to Hamburg is a bit of a let down. It’s a new DB ICE but quite run down, no wifi. And due to “technical problems” the train won’t be loaded on the ferry so all luggage out and we needed to walk to board the ferry. And out on another train. Those 25kg+ lifting every time is better than any work out.

Spectacular views of the Danish and German shores showing off hundreds of windfarms on both sides.

Got sick of looking after my luggage so took all my valuable out, and locked them with my travel bike lock on a pillar.

And yes we’re approaching Germany: people are orderly queuing to get out 20mn before they open the doors.

No idea why. We have our seats allocated on the train

Overnight stopover in Hamburg at the Generator. Strategically chosen right behind the train station.

Ah, the Generator. Brings me back some memories from London – 1995. Lol.

Girl at the reception asked me to double check my birth year. When confirmed:  “really??”. Aw.

Simple clean room. Efficient. Downing an Astra (Hamburg brew) while doing a laundry load.

And OMG I’m speaking German.

Very badly but words are coming back. I’m thrilled! Finally able to express myself in a local language.

Folks. This is Europe. I have crossed 3 countries in a few hours. Heard instructions in 3 languages and paid in 3 different currencies.

Tomorrow: 4 countries 4 languages and 2 currencies in less than 12 hours.

01/09 Early start 7.45am train to Koeln. Simple intercity so slept as no wifi.

In Koeln I boarded the Belgian speed train Thalys to Bruxelles. A bit dated but comfy and luxurious. And finally wifi.

A tingle of relief being spoken to in French. I feel much closer to home

But then I’m so glad I booked the window seat so I can look at the scenery. Not.

When in Bruxelles: afternoon snack: Stella Artois and waffle.

Boarding the Eurostar to London. Last leg / train of the trip.

The Eurostar is clean, efficient and fast. Good 2 hours chat with Joe, from California who’s chasing summer on his boat.

Then the train finally pulls into London St Pancras.

Ladies & gentlemen – this is it!

Hanoi to London St Pancras. By train and ferry.

27 days. Of which 14 on trains. 1 night on a ferry. 11 countries. Of which 6 in the last 2 days.

I left Oz exactly a month ago.

Am I happy?

Fuck yeah!

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