Jag älskar Söder(malm) – Stockholm part 2

Yeah I get it now.  It’s 14c this morning.
Wandering through Södermalm east streets in search for an open cafe. Stockholm is very quiet and pretty much closed in the morning during the weekend.

More lovely little streets, more beautiful views.

I also really like the language. Confirming it’s the sexiest language I got to hear so far (let’s open that debate).

I can only say thank you very much for now. Prob should learn more. That said I seem to understand the basics when written. Besides, everybody speaks English anyway.

Finally I found a solid breakfast option: Pom & Flora. Very busy but worth the wait. Its healthy smoothie bowl was delicious and so was the latte. If it wasn’t for the temperature I would have thought I was in Bondi.


There’s the latest Anton Corbijn book featuring proeminently at the entrance. Excellent start. Got me lost for a good 20mn right there. I had goosebumps at almost every couple of pages. A lot of very cool shots of DM. I’m such a teenager.

Great logo. Splendid photo exhibition.

Particularly touched by Nick Brandt’s Inherit the Dust, his work on East Africa’s deteriorating landscape.

Then hop on the bike to see the Moderna Museet. I have mixed feelings about modern art, but the New Humans installation would move any compassionate soul.


About limiting my eating out, well fuck it. I’m religiously going through a list of places given to me by the most reputable source I got to know.

I’m starving and found myself at the all you can eat Hermans vegetarian buffet. Their loss. I’m devouring every thing. Tasty, homely and great variety of vegetarian food.

With a view (you didn’t see that one coming).

That said I’m trying to understand how the swedes manage to get drunk with beer price tag traveling at $10

Haven’t even digested the above that a brisk walk in the cold leads me to Akkurat. A cosy pub with an endless collection of beers.

Not hungry so “I’m just here for the Eldorado Pale Ale” which apparently is only served in here.

29/08 it’s raining and it’s cold

Because, you see, spot the difference between these 2 pics taken less than 24h apart. Yep. About 15c. FFS they even had to put the heaters on. INSIDE.

But then, how do all this people get so tan? It always puzzled me. For a Nordic nation swedes seem to be always tanned. Where do they get all that sun? Must be something they eat.

Urban deli: very nice food there. Just got a sophisticate veggie tartine with truffle cream.

Fikabaren: yes, finally fika time for me too. Got my smashed iPhone finally repaired so celebrating with a creamy coffee.


Tight schedule. Get a room for another night. Negotiate price. Move everything. I short booked the hotel. Always do that when I visit a new place, in case I don’t like it.

Clearly isn’t the case.

I would have loved to stay a bit more in Stockholm. You know, those 24 months more?

Hairdresser. She’s very nice. “We swede are quite reserved”

Yeah, so you keep on telling me.

Yes they are. They won’t start a chat whith a stranger, but if they happen to talk to you they are actually quite friendly and charming.

Besides. I’m not here to talk. I’m observing.

It’s blatant that you need to live in here to start to have a conversation with people. But despite this I didn’t get the feeling of being amongst cold people. They have a warmth when they talk to each other, they smile a lot.

Getting warm again. So I decided to check out Kungsholmen. Biked around it. Very nice. Mostly recently done, nice bathing quays and secluded gardens with red wooden houses. More boats. Many boats. I must have seen as many boats as there are cars in this city.

Ah and the colour palette. Very strict. Cars are mainly black, or grey, sometimes white. Boats are white and blue, some wooden and blue.

A tad more upmarket than Soder. More modern with brand new buildings with triple glazed windows (I’ll explain the concept of insulation to the Aussies later)

But Söder has this slight boho feeling. Indeed I’m back at my favourite spot, with a healthy lunch, the curious ducks and the water lilies.

What struck me from this city is its calm and peaceful atmosphere. It’s a recurring theme. The last 5 days I felt very calm and serene.

And I get it, you don’t even feel the need to talk.

Stairway to heaven:

Last eve in Stockholm. Checking Mosebacke and Omnipollo, where I got to try  a nice selection of craft beers.

Train to London tomorrow via Copenhagen, Hamburg, Cologne, Bruxelles and Paris. All in 34 hours.

Goodbye pretty!

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