GOOD MORNING SWEDEN! -part 1 – the sunny one

25/08 I’m glad I had an early night.

I woke up at 5.15am to catch the sun rise on Swedish waters.

Simply spectacular!

The ship is slowly cruising in very still waters, through hundreds of little islands with dark red & white houses, the fog clearing but still lingering in some places.

I’m in absolute awe.

Took a cab to the Rygerfjord. I thought I was being scammed again with the taxi price, but I’m soon realising that it was just a taste of Stockholm prices. I’m going to have to limit my dining out.

The boat/hotel is splendid. New room with sea view.

Headed to old town – Gamla Stan – to hire a bike from a beautiful bike shop. No bloody helmet. Good to be in bike friendly city.

The old town looks scaringly familiar to me. It’s like Geneva old town, just twice the size.

Then Stockholm downtown – Östermalm- where they all look very neat, very slick, very trendy. Very nice area with upmarket shops and cafes. Even caught a parade to greet me.

A bit too nice. That tad too slick.

Finally heading back to SODERMALM to explore it. ❤️!

Loving every bit of it:

It’s casual. It’s quirky. It’s relaxing. It’s borderline AMS. I cycled along the shore, stopped to get some healthy food from one of the pop up food kiosks, and joined the crowd for some sunbathing on the decks, admiring the parked boats, the curious ducks cruising through the water lilies. No idea what the swedes are talking about when they complain about their summer. It’s very hot. Heading back to the hotel along the canals with more wooden boats, people kayaking or relaxing on the wooden decks.

Grabbed some dinner at Organic market Paradisiert to have on the boat with stunning views on the sunset on Stockholm.

All my evening plans went in the bin as I collapsed in bed at 7pm.

26/08 again great views when waking up and checking the shore from my window.

Headed downtown for some coffee where I found everything is closed until 10am.

Managed to find Fabrique where I got some delicious cardamon bun.

“Card only please” “??? Can we have this worldwide please???”

Some window shopping where I got mesmerised by designer furniture shops.

Swedish furniture porn.

Then my usual exercise to understand the country where I’m in: explore the supermarkets: hemkop: all eggs are free range

Beautiful food hall at Saluhall

That said, I’m realising that a good 70% of the food on display contains meat. Do we really need to eat that much meat? Not saying this as a vegetarian, but when did this happen that we eat more meat than other foods? And I’m not talking about Sweden only. I’ve observed this all along my trip.

Crossing town now to reach Djungarden.

Biked all around it and stopped at Café Blockhusporten for a bite with a view. Did I mention that Stockholm has some amazing views?

Second day here and this city is just stunningly beautiful. But then I got lucky it’s been sunny and warm, with a nice blue sky.

It’s Saturday.
It’s sunny. Everybody is out.  Seems like the entire population of Sweden is here today.

And yet, the atmosphere is still very calm, peaceful, soothing.

Back through Sodermalm canal and beach 😁

As expected  loads of people are strolling along the shoreline, I’m cycling through a market that wasn’t there yesterday before reaching “my spot’ on the wooden decks. Relax under the afternoon sun.

Time to head back, get ready for:


not the easiest place to find. Under a bridge. Some queue, but worth the wait. Very quirky. All outdoor. Boules, ping pong, dance floor with a massive discoball. Eclectic decor and mixed crowd. More of these please.
Although this is the largest concentration of hipsters I’ve seen since Surry hills.

And there’s a Burgeria. Tasty veggie burger with even more tasty coleslaw. There’s also a restaurant section close to the massive discoball. But it looks full.

But I’m alone. And it’s early. I’ve been advised that swedes keep themselves to themselves until they drink. But so do I.

Bars and clubs are busy environments, with a lot of people. Yet they are the places where you can feel the most lonely if you’re not with friends.
The time to finish my second Pilsener and I’m heading back.

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