Ulaanbaatar – Mongolia


Laborious overnight borders crossing, with wheels change and passports control. Had a good chat with Zack, a young student from England. We talked about AI consciousness and its ethical implications. As you do. No sleep until 3 am.

Then I woke up this morning to this magnificent view.

Breakfast with a view in the restaurant carriage on country rock sounds.

It’s so beautiful here that I’m alternating between beaming smiles and tears of joy.


Improvised Noodle lunch at Mark & Francesca cabin with Vivienne and Craig. All Aussie.



Picked up at UB by Uhzbyeh who, unlike me, was able to pronounce my name perfectly.

Mongolian is a very strange language. Written in Cyrillic but with impossible sounds.

Again, humour over language. As he reached for his coke, he pointed at my water bottle I was sipping from.

I answered “vodka!” and we both laughed.

He dropped me outside of the national park, where Jeanett’s husband, Pujee, and wild son Storm, waited for me in a 4×4. As we crossed the river in a few points, Storm decided he wanted a splash, stripped almost naked and climbed onto the roof of the jeep. The boy is fluent in Mongolian, English and Norwegian. But doesn’t understand No in any of these languages.



Arrived at the camp.


The place is stunning. Regretting immediately to have to leave in 2 days. Should have planned more time.

The yurt, or ger as they call it in Mongolia, is very nice, clean and cosy. Got to chat with fellow guests Sandra from Leipzig and Catherine & Jean Phillippe and their 2 boys from Quebec. Very interesting people

Dinner with a view. Jeanett prepared a soup with fresh noodles, with a vegetarian version just for me. It’s 9pm now and we’re all in bed. Sharing the ger with Sandra. I told her I have no vodka so no party tonight. It’ll be reading time for both under the candle lights.

Something is snorting right outside of our door.


Woke up on magnificent views again.

Then latte with instant coffe and yak cream and other Mongolian delicacies



Climbed the mountain on which we are based, bit of sunbathing at the top on my BONDI icebergs cossie.



Then 3 hours horse riding after lunch through incredible scenery.
My horse is very similar to me: he does what the fuck he wants.

Nice cold open air shower and good chat with Sandra. After dinner.
This place is amazing .


Unfortunately time to leave this place. Pujee took the Canadian family to the driver and came back: with 2 of the stranded people we were in Beijing trying to figure out the entrance of the station. The world is really small.

Well not leaving before getting what’s been promised to me: a ride on Pujees bike.  A cute 150cc of unknown brand. Helmet free. “Do you know how to ride a motorbike?” Lol.

Now the train to Irkutsk does not have the standard of luxury I used to travel in. Nevertheless share the compartment with a Russian contractor Vuevo,  Libda an old German lady who had traveled the transmongolian route 4 times already, and who knits and reads a book on psichiatry. And a very young Japanese whose mother is from Irkutsk and his father lives in London.
And I thought I was weird.
As expected Russian customs were painful, with 4 sets of people to check passports first, then move all the luggage and check that the hidden pipes are cleared from whatever. Then another one to check inside the luggage. Then a guy with a sniffer dog.
2am. Time to sleep

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