03/08 first thing I notice is that indicators are never used. They horn instead. Nothing aggressive just a gentle and light horn.


Indicator would be more effective but never mind.

A few people are wearing masks too.

Stuck in traffic surrounded by the proverbial chaos of scooters. Yeah they definitely  beat the Italians.

A lot of old buildings. Some derelict, other nicely restored.

Went for a short walk after diner. Reached the lake nicely illuminated.


Went walkabout to check out the lake area. Got scammed but hey now my shoes are “repaired” and of a different colour 😱😁

Need to keep my eyes open. Been also approached by 2 student girls who wanted to improve their English but asked me twice where my hotel is.

Walked through most districts around the lake. Traffic is pure chaos. But there’s a clear logic: anything on wheels has the priority. There is definitely something about horning used as indicators. Pedestrians have no rights over cars, scooters, or any ant traveling on the road. Even when it’s green.

There doesn’t seem to be any middle class aside for tourist stuff. It’s either all cheap food and shops or Christian Dior.

Some street food experience: delicious kumkwat confit, not so sure about those deep fried sweets though, I felt like I swallowed a gallon of fried oil with these.

Now out in a street food shop: ViSai Gon. No idea what are the greens I’m eating but they are just stunningly tasty. And so are the cabbages. I have just dined for $5.

After the street food, the Beer Corner. A row of tiny unlit bars crowded with people drinking beer and chatting in the dark.  And the heat. Jeez it’s hot and sticky.

The rain came and went and nothing has changed. Same sticky air.

Fiat Lux. There we go. It was just a blackout. 😁

And OMG best fried rice EVER!

I’m at 29 Luing Ngoc Quyen


Xunto bar. Loud music. Beer


Warming to Hanoi. Too short. Leaving tomorrow.

And I was blind the whole time. The middle class was right in front of my eyes. They are all curved on their smartphones. They are all gathered in the beer corner, all dressed up. Casual but neat.

They just spend differently.

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