Goodbye Sydney, Hello Darwin & Singapore

Goodbye Sydney, Hello Darwin

2016/08/01 9.15am
Au revoir Sydney. Not adieu.
My heart skipped a beat when I felt the wheels leaving the tarmac. Then everything went blurred as tears flooded my eyes. It’s been an intense month. But now I’m jumping.
Oh I’m easing into The Trip through a familiar path first. I have 2 stopovers and 28kg of luggage to shed before the real train journey starts.
First Darwin – 6 hours to say goodbye to Sabrina. My future adventure companion.
On my way up I caught some of the spectacular landscapes Australia has to offer.

The following morning I’m so glad I woke up at 3.30am to rush to my early morning flight at the airport only to discover that the flight was delayed until the afternoon due to Indonesia ashes.

Well, unfazed, I used that time otherwise then. Change currency. Tuck my humongous amount of luggage in a locker and head into town equipped with cossie and towel.

I finally land in Singapore late evening in time to see the last 10mn of the film “The ladies of the 6th floor” at Alliance Francaise.

Nice catch up with Henri, Seeny & friends.

Travel gift from Henri: a mask. “For Beijing”.


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